The World Is Waiting For Superman

Let me ask a radical question here:

Why don’t we see more believers levitating?

The very question might seem weird, even to some wild-eyed Charismatics. However,  I believe it is a valid question and is something we really should be expecting to see more and more.

The humorous thing is that many people associate levitation with the demonic realm or the work of illusionists. Of course, it can be demonic in origin or a magic trick. That doesn’t mean it can’t be something done under the power of God.

There are some who believe that Adam had the power of flight before the Fall. Whether or not this is true, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that we believers will have the ability to fly with our celestial bodies. Our resurrection bodies will make Superman look like a wimp.

We know that Jesus had the power of flight…

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