There is coming a flood to these lands. Holiness like living waters will pour down from the mountains and the stain of centuries will be washed away. No one will say “Know the Lord” for the least to the greatest shall know Him. These floods will wash away the hatred and divisions that hold many in thrall. The song of these islands will be Amazing Grace and Holiness to the Lord will be on the lips of the peoples. The fear of the Lord will come in ceaseless waves till Albion comes forth once more. Kings will rule in righteousness and the poor shall know their protection. Famine will be banished and the orphans will be brought into families. The glory of the High King shall be seen in the land and His Lordship proclaimed. The Ancient Ones shall shine forth and their counsel greatly cherished. The land shall make Covenant with the people and the people shall make Covenant with the Most High. There shall be nothing that defiles or brings a curse in all the land.

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