A prophetic message for these times:-

You who seek revival, do you know that He will come as a refining fire in the earth?

You who seek the glory, do you know that it will be when darkness is in the earth and gross darkness upon the people?

You who seek the Elijah move of God, do you know that the day of Elijah will burn like an oven and that all who are proud will be stubble before the fire? For He will be a swift witness against those who deal falsely and against those who will not depart the snare of Babylon.

The outpouring you seek will come but not without price. The price is the laying down of your life and the purging of all vainglory. Just as there can be no impurities in the gold and silver vessels, so there can be nothing that defiles in those who bear His Name.

The glorious church will have no spot or wrinkle.

That which you seek of Me cannot be done in a shallow walk with Me. You sing of the days of My servant Elijah yet remember how the prophets were slain and hiding in caves in the days of My servant? Remember that My servant ministered under the evil government?

This is a generation that seeks to live on milk and will turn from the meat of My Word. Yet it is the meat that gives you the strength to endure and overcome. That which is coming on the earth can only be overcome by those whose strength is wholly in Me.

Many at this time are offended and perplexed by the tribulation but you are a people born for trouble that you may show forth My victory which is in you.

Just as you partake of My victory, you also must bear many things in your perseverance. These are days for a people who will take courage rather than seek comfort. These are times for warriors and not worriers.

Where you encounter death, minister life. Where you are made captive, minister freedom in My Spirit. Where you are faced with fear and hate, minister perfect love. Where you are reviled, minister blessing. Where you are rejected and despised, minister reconciliation.

Nothing can stand against you all the days of your life if you rest in Me.

Yet who will stand in My Presence when I come to My temple saith Yahweh Sabaoth.

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