I was a teenager when I first gave a prophetic word in a meeting under the mentorship of a prophet to the nation.

In that prophetic message the Lord said the time would come again in this nation when people would be martyred for their faith.

The word was accepted as an authentic prophecy by all leaders present, each of whom moved in prophetic ministry.

I have never doubted this prophetic utterance, even though in recent years it has seemed it was unlikely to happen. I also matured enough to realise the message was not an inevitability but a warning.

Four months ago I would have said it would not happen because we were headed for revival and so happy days.

The last few weeks have changed all of that.

We are now in the beginning stages of a satanic revolution which will completely change Britain, the US and other Zion nations if left to continue.

Let me be very clear. If we do not have a mighty move of God in the immediate future, we will have a society which will see the persecution of Christians on an unprecedented scale.

What we are seeing right now is but the start.

If you are not serious about taking your place in praying and positioning yourself for a Great Awakening, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

If these events happening around you do not move you to something beyond counting cubes and guessing how many bodies are in a room on Facebook, you are deeply backslidden.

You need to get the high praises of God in your mouth and the Sword of the Spirit in your hand, child of God!

Let him that hath an ear…

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