We must access the holy of holies. All we need is there. Living outwith the veil will not suffice.

So many live their lives outwith the veil, begging to be heard and “beseeching” God for things. Think on this: if, after Jesus dying in agony of spirit, soul and body to give us the right to access beyond the veil, we then choose to live like mendicants, what does that say about us?

We must come boldly. This is no place for timidity. We come boldly because we are seated in heavenly places with Him. The you that is on earth must align with the you in your heavenly seat.

It’s all about access.

You have access to the holiest. If you didn’t have access, you would live in limitation. There is no limit to those who go beyond the veil. There is no limit to supply. He who gave His precious Son, how shall He not give you all things richly to enjoy?

As a child of God you have access to the highest authority in the universe. You can enter freely and discuss the pulling down and raising of kingdoms and their rulers. You are supposed to do just that; it is your business here on earth.

You lead the nations because you have access to the One who reigns over them.

We must live beyond the veil. Rees Howells functioned in governmental authority over the nations as an intercessor and prophet because he lived beyond the veil. True intercession is not begging from the earth for a distant, remote God to move; it is being in Christ who is beyond the veil interceding for us now in the most holy place.

Holy means to be separated unto God. We do not have to try to go beyond the veil; we have already entered there through His torn flesh. When His body was pierced, the blood spilled out and became the new and living way by which we entered into Him.

His shed blood is our access beyond the veil of His body. We become part of His body through His precious blood. This is why we overcome through His blood – we are hidden in His body.

Jesus’ body was and is both the house of God and portal to the glory. When it was torn, access to the glory was made available. His blood is the way to glory realms. We cannot enter beyond the veil without blood.

We must live from above. The ascended life is the true Christian life. Living from the earth is hard and full of sorrow. Choosing to live by the sword is the way of battle. Living by the sceptre is the life of being seated in throne dimensions.

We must move from sword to sceptre. This is the path and trajection of maturity. Young men fight and wield the sword. Fathers wield the sceptre and sit at rest.

The saints in Psalm 149 are resting upon beds. They are wielding authority over nations and rulers. Their swords have become tools and weapons of dominion.

We must become so proficient in using our swords that they become sceptres of dominion and governmental authority.

We have access to the highest and holiest place through the shed blood of the Lamb. This is our overcoming – our consciousness of access. And the word of our testimony is the declaration of our position in Christ. We speak His Word concerning who we are and what we have access to. This Word is our sword and sceptre. By this Word we exercise co-rulership with the Lord Jesus.

It is interesting that in this passage from Hebrews 10 we are exhorted to forsake not assembling as ekklesia. This is because when we assemble we are God’s governmental assembly in the earth.

There is exponential authority and strength in our meeting together as believers with access beyond the veil. This is why governments try to suppress the assembling of the saints.

An assembled ekklesia functioning in heavenly authority is the greatest threat to tyrannical governments.

The blood takes us within the veil. The word of our testimony is our profession of what is ours beyond the veil. It is the declaration of what belongs to us in Him and who we are in union with Him.

In Him we live and move and have our being. We are in Him and He is in us. We have become one in union Life with Him. There is no more separation. We are not on earth begging for His attention and seeking to earn His approval. He is not a far-off God that we have to appease and impress.

Our old paradigm of looking for Him to send down revival has to change. This concept infers separation from a holy God we have no access to beyond being beggars and craven mendicants.

He made us one with Him so that we could access all we need to make earth His footstool. Our place is as sons, not servants. We are in the family business, not working as employees. We are heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus.

Those who live without the veil live in uncertainty, fear and striving. They see themselves as curs and wretches who have to beg God for mercy. Those who live within the veil see this world as our inheritance and the footstool of the Lord of Glory. They know they have been made kings and priests to bring about God’s glorious purpose in the earth.

Access has been given you, child of God, that you may intercede as a priest for the people and that you may rule over the nations as a king. You must take your God-appointed place.

Live within the veil!!

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