This blog is about the Kingdom of God, the ekklesia, governance in both the church and the nations and revival.

These are matters close to my heart and also what I preach, teach, write and lecture on.

I write from an apostolic and prophetic viewpoint; also from a strong conviction that we need a new wineskin paradigm in our thinking when it comes to church and how to do it.

A big emphasis on this site is the destiny of Scotland and the awesome purpose God has for this country and people. That purpose is far greater than independence, as you will discover here. The choice for Scotland is not so much independence or Unionism but the purpose of God against a counterfeit destiny. In short, the only thing that matters  is: What is God’s will for Scotland and its people?

On this blog I write about The Matter of Britain. This includes aspects like Brexit, British destiny, the unity of the UK and our monarchy.

I do not write from a political perspective; my interests are entirely from a spiritual and prophetic point of view. This sums up my thinking here:

I believe that Brexit is the will of God.

I believe that Britain has an awesome prophetic destiny as well as a wonderful history.

I believe that the Union of the United Kingdom is of God and must be preserved.

I believe that our monarchy is a God thing and is destined to bring great blessing and glory to our nation.

I believe Scotland has an awesome role to play in this 21st century post-Brexit world.

As I said, none of these views are politically inspired or motivated. These are things I hold to be true by revelation, study and observation.

My conviction is that Britain has a glorious future in the plan and purpose of God but walking in it is, of course, our personal and collective responsibility. 

My prayer for this website is that it helps others to appropriately respond to the great call of God for us as a nation.


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