Anciently, an Emrys was a counsellor and advisor to kings and rulers.

This ministry can be seen in the Bible in the lives of Samuel, Elijah and all the major prophets. Emrys ministry is God’s ambassadorial representation to rulers and leaders, particularly in the government of nations.


Probably the most famous Emrys in post Bible times was Merlin, the counsellor to King Arthur.  Far from being a pagan wizard, it is believed by many that Merlin was a Christian prophet and mystic. Norma Lorre Goodrich and other Arthurian historians believe he was very likely Saint Dubricius, the highest ranking Bishop in the British Isles at the time. Whether or not this was the case, the dual identity as both church apostle and spiritual counsellor to royalty is very common in the lives of the Celtic saints and is what Emrys ministry is all about.

Emrys ministry is apostolic and prophetic in terms of church and is the role of special advisor and counsellor to leaders in government, business, arts, media, sport etc.

As we transit to the Kingdom Age, Emrys ministry will be seen more and more as God’s people take their rightful places in what have been called the Seven Mountains.

The distinctive mark of a true Emrys ministry is allegiance to the Throne of David – the British Royal Throne. In a nutshell, Emrys ministry is a ministry that supports, promotes and maintains the Throne of David in the earth.

From an early age, Bill McMurdo has felt the call to Emrys ministry and he now functions in this role – writing, speaking and consulting on the Matter of Britain and on Emrys ministry as the endgame of 7M penetration and apostolic ministry.